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Training: The Troll

Choreographer instructions

Please see the written information below the video.


To play the video in sync with the voiceover instructions: 

  1. Type the password in to the video if required
  2. Press play on the voiceover
  3. Listen to the spoken instructions, and press play on the video when instructed

The Troll


Bringing Books to Life - The Troll

1) Warm Up

2) Games
a) Space Game
b) Troll to Troll

Talk briefly about the book and how we are going to tell the story of both the Troll and the Pirates. Explain how the Troll and the Pirates have their own piece of music so we’ll know when we are changing characters.

You can stop at regular intervals to break it up a bit and get them to do bits with the music, ie get them to lollop round the room as the bunny crossing the bridge etc...

1) The Troll

Begin as the Troll who hears something so moves out from under the bridge (“That’s where trolls are suppose to live” quote from the book)

It is a spider who scuttles (use the descriptive words that are in book) so everyone moves as a Spider.

Troll moves to a new bridge taking his cookbook under his arm.

2) The Pirate

Become a pirate, one hand on hip other over the eye (1x4)
Climb the rigging (1x4)
Look though the telescope
Dig for treasure (1x8)
Look down at hole shake head as you’ve discovered a mole
End back in Pirate position (as at start)

3) Repeat Section 1) but instead of Spider, it’s a mouse who is pattering so everyone moves as a mouse

4) Repeat Section 2) when you look down at hole shaking head because it’s a crab! And not treasure.

5) Repeat Section 1) but this time it’s a rabbit lolloping that he can hear crossing the bridge. Instead of walking to a new bridge he walks onto the beach, finds a chest which he empties of the gold and gets inside it.

6) Becoming pirate jump up into Pirate pose (hand on hip & eye)
Point to treasure chest and creep forward to pick it up, move round in circle on tippy toes taking treasure chest back to the ship

Into Happy Pirate Dance section:

Gallop x4
Heel together x2 with hornpipe arms
Climb rigging x4
Fast clap in circular movement x4
Repeat climb rigging x4
Open up box, point, cover mouth shocked at Troll inside
Point to plank for which Troll is made to walk.

As Troll walk/shuffle forward on plank, knocking knees and hands to mouth (Scared)

On last big chord jump feet apart holding arms high, holding the Trolls cook book!

He is saved and becomes the pirates chef!!



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