Cleo Copperpot's Adventures with Hercules

Please note: we are not currently delivering Cleo Copperpot's Adventures with Hercules in schools.
If you would like a musical performance in your school we'd love to visit you with either our pantomimes or Jungle Bungle.

Cleo Copperpot's Adventures with Hercules

Our show takes children on a journey through time to explore the Labours of Hercules as well as the art of storytelling in Ancient Greece.

Cleo Copperpot is a budding young archaeologist. In her experience everything you dig up tells a story. Her dog Carter, chief digger, presents her with a dirty old sandal. But it’s not any old sandal, it has magical wings and it suddenly transports Cleo to Ancient Greece!
She is up for an adventure but she wants to be sure she can go home afterwards. The only way back to 2016 is through a magical portal on Mount Olympus. Cleo quickly spots a problem - no human can set foot on Mount Olympus and no God is going to fetch her!

The very next person she meets is Hercules. He introduces himself as ‘Half-human, half-God and all hero’! Sounds promising! Perhaps he can help?

As Hercules is working through his Labours when they meet, Cleo appoints herself as his supportive ‘sidekick’! The two form an unlikely team – unified by a shared desire to get to Mount Olympus and reunite with their families.
With a new Cleo-inspired approach to dealing with his Labours, Hercules quickly rattles through the final few challenges and attains the status of immortal Olympus dweller! He is thrilled and Cleo is elevated from sidekick to best friend. Will he help Cleo return to her family?

The West End in your school

Our performers are all West End professionals from shows like Matilda and Chicago

Age range: Reception to Year 6

Group size: Up to 250 children per show. Larger schools have multiple performances

Cost: Varies by school size 

Requirements: Just an empty school hall - we bring everything needed.

Set-up time: 20 minutes

Length: 60 minutes

The shows have consistently been of a very high standard and we have never been disappointed!
— Assistant Headteacher, Birch Hill Primary School, Mar 2014