Fortunately, the Milk: 5 activities for exploring the story with KS2

Fortunately, the Milk activities

It may be the middle of the summer holidays, but our minds are on World Book Day (7 months and counting!). If you’re short of something to read this summer, head to our World Book Day 2020 book list for inspiration. Over the summer months we have been sharing some of our favourite activities to go alongside our Story Explorer book selection. We are sure that our book in focus this week will make you laugh out loud no matter what your age…

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

Who is it for?

This hilarious story is perfect for KS2, the plot twists and turns may be challenging but absolutely worth it!

Why do we love this book?

There’s aliens, pirates, dinosaurs, time travel, ponies and purple dancing dwarfs with flowerpots on their heads - what more could you want!

This book is an absolute feast for the imagination. You follow Dad on his ludicrous tale as he explains to his children why he took so long fetching milk from the shop. It is brimming with joy and silliness.

Books like this are ones that can engage every child in the class regardless of reading level. It is written with such creative freedom that can only serve to inspire young readers.

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