Billionaire Boy: 5 activities for exploring the story with KS2

Billionaire Boy Book Activities

This summer we have been introducing all the books featuring in our World Book Day 2020 Story Explorer workshops. We wanted to share with you why we love these books as well as five of our favourite classroom activities to accompany them. This week is our last (but by no means least!) book in the list by author, comedian and TV personality David Walliams.

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

Who is it for?

This tale is perfect for KS2 students as it contains some complex vocabulary and concepts that are perfect for class discussion.

Why do we love this book?

The moral to the story is hard to miss: money can’t buy happiness. Walliams’ tale is a modern fable. In an age where we are bombarded by ‘stuff’ it is refreshing to read a book where a young boy has no desire for things, all he wants is a friend. The moral of the book being so prevalent really lends itself to further class discussion and debate.

Walliams trademark humour and eccentric characters make this an enjoyable read. Being set predominately in a school there’s a lot of funny moments that we are sure school children will relate to!

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