Feedback from schools about Shakespeare Today workshops:

St Lukes.png
Pitch was excellent across the year groups. The facilitator was great with the kids and re-engaged the children very effectively at the beginning of the group performance. Above all, the children increased their understanding of Shakespeare plays, performance and had lots of fun.
— Literacy Co-ordinator, St Luke's CofE Primary School, Mar 2016

St John's Community Primary School
I love Shakespeare but was unsure how this would work with our pupils. I was thrilled with the outcome. Children were captivated with the delivery and the staff could not have been better. This was a huge success and we will use this again and again! thank you for making Shakespeare accessible and igniting a spark for Shakespeare in even our youngest pupils.
— Headteacher, St John's Community Primary School, Mar 2015

Northbury Primary School
They were mesmerized, absorbed and fully engaged in the whole day. A fantastic way of engaging children with Shakespeare—we will definitely book this again.
— Assistant Headteacher, Northbury Primary School, Feb 2015

Warwick Prep
We liked the use of the actual script interwoven with mime and music. The use of the IWB and the backing track was excellent and really brought the story to life. The workshops worked well and were pitched at the right level for each group. The workshop leader’s energy levels were amazing and many of our staff commented on how fantastic she was. She instilled a great sense of enthusiasm in our children which spilled over into the work we did afterwards.
— Head of Dance and Drama, Warwick Preparatory School, Jan 2015

St Joseph's In The Park
Do not delay, just go ahead and book the workshop. A wonderful learning experience for all ages led by proficient practitioners.
— Deputy Head, St Joseph's In The Park, Mar 2014

Glynne Primary
As this was our first time teaching Shakespeare we were very aware that there could be pitfalls. Having [West End in Schools] in to start the work was a fantastic experience for the children as well as us. Straight away they were involved in speaking simplified Shakespearian English as well as acting. This introduction has helped us to inspire an engagement with the play texts and our Year 6 children are voluntarily choosing to read Shakespeare stories. Thank you so much for ensuring we didn’t put them off!!
— KS2 Literacy Co-ordinator, Glynne Primary, Mar 2014

Norwood Green Junior School
The ‘Shakespeare Today’ workshop by West End in Schools was a brilliant introduction to Shakespeare for our Year 3 and 4 children. The children loved it and have been talking about it since. The workshop leader grabbed the children’s attention immediately and made sure they were all actively involved. We would highly recommend this workshop to other schools.
— Literacy Co-ordinator, Norwood Green Junior School, Mar 2014

Meridian Primary School
We were delighted with our day of workshops on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The children were enthralled and engaged throughout. Every child took part and there were no ‘stars’.The workshop production at the end was an exciting and very enjoyable event for all of us.
— Headteacher, Meridian Primary School, Mar 2014

The workshop leader was fantastic at engaging the children at the right level and ensured all children were included in some way. The workshops enabled Shakespeare to come alive to the children in a fun and creative way.
— Head of School, Maundene School, Mar 2014

medlar with wesham.jpg
The children have learnt some historical and cultural aspects, as well as the drama side in the workshop. Parents commented that the children had really enjoyed the morning, and some even went home and invented their own Shakespeare homeworks!
— English Co-ordinator, Tenacres First School, Mar 2014

Greenfield School.jpg
This was a superb day from start to finish! It was extremely well organised and the workshop leader really knew how to get the best out of all of the children. We were very impressed by the thought that had gone into planning the day, which was novel and original in its concept. We were also impressed by the excellent execution of the teaching. I would definitely book West End in Schools again!
— Head of English, Greenfield School, Mar 2014

Hugh Mydd. jpg
Very pleased by enthusiasm especially from boys who don’t like drama much. Especially pleased by one boy asked to be Oberon (he is chronically self conscious), who really came into his own!! Fast paced, well matched activities & use of music.
— Headteacher, Hugh Myddelton Primary School, Mar 2014

Tudor Primary School.jpg
The children really enjoyed the workshop. All were engaged even those children who usually take little interest in drama. The behaviour management tactics were particularly good. It was fast paced to keep children engaged.
— Year 4 Teacher, Tudor Primary, Mar 2014

St. Luke's C of E Primary.jpg
Strengths of the workshops: Well targeted child aged activities. Enthusiasm and energy of facilitators. The decision for several children to play the same role in the same workshop group, gave shy and reluctant children great confidence to join in - very inclusive and created a ‘safe’ environment for all children to participate.
— Literacy Co-ordinator, St. Luke's C of E Primary, Mar 2014