The Rainbow Fish: 5 activities for exploring the story with EYFS & KS1

The Rainbow Fish Activities

Last week we announced our World Book Day 2020 selection for both our Bringing Books to Life dance workshops and our Story Explorer drama workshops.

This is the first in a series of blogs taking a look at our selected books, what makes them so wonderful, and what activities you can do to explore the books in your classroom.

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Who is it for?

This eye-catching picture book is suitable for young learners, typically EYFS to KS1.

Why do we love this book?

Besides the beautiful illustrations (we particularly like the special shiny scales), this book contains some important messages about friendship and sharing. By the end of the story Rainbow Fish has learnt that being kind and sharing his beautiful scales allows him to make friends. It makes both Rainbow Fish and the other fish happy to share.

Stories like The Rainbow Fish allow children to consider and explore some pretty big topics for some pretty little people!

This book can be explored as a stand-alone literacy topic or as part of a bigger unit such as the ocean, animals or friendship.

Rainbow Fish Activities

- Katie