Preparing for a Phizz-Whizzing Roald Dahl Day!

Roald Dahl Day

September 13th is an especially phizz-whizzing day because it is Roald Dahl’s birthday! 

Dahl published 48 books in his lifetime, 17 of those for children and young readers. His contribution to literature is undeniable and his stories have brought joy to children for generations - everyone can name a Dahl story. 

His stories take relatable characters on imaginative journeys through the weird and the wonderful!

As a children’s author, Dahl enjoyed playing with vocabulary. He has taught millions of children to find the joy in language, to throw away the rule book and have fun with words and reading. 

Roald Dahl Day isn’t just a time to celebrate a great author. It is a day to celebrate everything Dahl’s stories teach: creativity, perseverance and fun! 

How can you celebrate with West End in Schools? 

At West End in Schools we have two different workshop styles and eight different book options to help you create a Roald Dahl Day to remember! 

Bringing Books to Life dance workshops

Roald Dahl Day2

What does Violet Beauregarde look like when she balloons up like a giant blueberry? 

How does the Roly-Poly Bird move?

Bringing Books to Life dance workshops are a fantastic physical exploration of popular fiction. Working with a professional West End dancer/choreographer, children from Reception to Year 6 bring characters, setting and plot moments to life in their own school hall. 

Book Choices:

  • The BFG

  • The Enormous Crocodile

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Find out more about Bringing Books to Life dance workshops here.

Story Explorer drama workshops

Roald Dahl Day3

What does Miss Trunchbull say when she finds a newt in her water jug? 

What does George’s potion smell like? What will it do to you if you take a sip? 

Unleash your children’s imagination as they use drama to explore Dahl’s top tales. With a professional West End actor/facilitator your class will be up on their feet getting into the bodies and minds of these familiar characters! 

Book Choices:

  • George’s Marvellous Medicine

  • The Twits

  • Fantastic Mr Fox

  • The Magic Finger

  • Matilda

Find out more about our Story Explorer drama workshops here.

For more ideas on how to celebrate Roald Dahl day take a look at five of our favourite Dahl activities!


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