Drama Workshop Feedback

Bring learning to life with the highest quality drama available in schools today. With the guidance of an expert drama facilitator the children develop their feelings and thoughts about your chosen story or topic.

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Our facilitator, was incredibly engaging and had the children hooked from the moment they walked in! She was obviously very familiar with the Roald Dahl texts and her knowledge and enthusiastic approach really brought the characters and stories to life. Great drama games and there were lots of happy, smily children after the sessions! Highly recommended!
— Norfolk House School, Head of English, March 2019
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Fantastic! We really enjoyed it. Our practitioner, Stephanie, was incredible with the girls - she was fun, engaging and managed their behaviour without once having to raise her voice. It was clear that she had an excellent knowledge of the texts we had chosen, and pitched each activity at exactly the right level. The girls were spellbound! Thank you.
— St Christopher's Primary, Head of English, March 2019
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The drama workshops were excellent. The facilitator was dynamic and both children and staff were engaged throughout. It was brilliant watching texts we had recently covered coming to life with drama.
— Islamia Primary School, Literacy Lead, March 2019
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Amazing workshops for all children. Every year group was catered for and all of the staff and children spoke highly about the sessions. The lady who ran it was very knowledgeable of the books which I chose and differentiated her sessions according to the age group of the children. I would highly recommend these workshops.
— Edgewick Community Primary, KS1/English Lead, March 2019
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The children loved taking part in their workshops, which were so accessible and tailored for each age group, and we were all impressed how it was put together at the end of the day to tell the story of the First World War from many different angles. The finale, particularly, was very thought provoking and emotional. Thank you!
— Kempshott Junior School, Teacher, November 2018
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All students were engaged with the topic; given the challenging nature of the World War 1 content, this is no easy feat. The workshop enables the girls to empathise with the key stakeholders and gain perspectives into what their different experiences were. The use of drama and poetry to engage with this topic is a unique one, and one that I would highly recommend.
— Wimbledon High School, Year 4 Teacher, November 2018
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It was well adapted to each year group. The sessions were well-paced and engaging. The children learnt lots. The facilitator was excellent, captured the children’s imagination and did a fabulous job of keeping them all engaged during the celebration at the end. Many members of staff have commented on how moving the performance was at the end.
— St Josephs Catholic Primary, History Lead, November 2018