The Cow and the Pussycat

The Cow and the Pussycat

Christmas is nearly here! For us, that means our touring pantomimes have visited schools across the country and are nearly ready to head back to London for a well-earned rest. To celebrate, we thought we’d update you on the goings on of two of our favourite panto characters: Muriel the Cow from Jack and the Beanstalk, and Tommy the Cat from Dick Whittington*. So, without further ado…

The Cow and the Pussycat

The cow and the pussycat went on tour,

With their pantomimes UK-wide.

The cow said, “honey, we’ll earn some money,

So join me on this year’s ride.

We’ll see some sights and some Christmas lights,

And triumph in every show!

We’ll sing a duet, then watch the sun set,

Then dance around in the snow,

The snow,

The snow,

Then dance around in the snow.”

Muriel dancing in the snow…

But the two of them toured quite differently,

So sometimes their wires got crossed.

The cow liked earl grey; she’d find a café,

While the cat would explore and get lost.

One awkward day, they had a delay,

Cause the cat got stuck up a tree.

The Cow helped him down, they went back to town,

Then to bed with a cup of tea,

Of tea,

Of tea,

Each to bed with a cup of tea.

Muriel likes her creature comforts, while Tommy tends to get lost and stuck up trees…

By show seventeen they’d found a routine,

And the Cat had discovered a beach.

They’d both made some friends, but the tour had to end

So the Cow made one final speech:

“While it’s lovely to roam, we’ll both soon be home,

For some rest and some Christmas cheer.

We’ll do one more show, and then we shall go.

But I’ll see you again next year,

Next year,

Next year,

I’ll see you again next year.”

Tommy relaxing on a beach somewhere. Both Tommy and Muriel made some new friends!

*Thanks to our brilliant actors for the photos of Muriel and Tommy on the road!

- Rachel