Around the World in 80 Days:
A Primary School Musical


“From London, England to Suez, Egypt by rail and boat – seven days. From Suez, Egypt to Bombay, India by boat – thirteen days…”

Philomena Fogg has a plan. A rather fabulous plan in fact. And nothing, not even a bhangra-loving elephant, or unbuilt railways, or the formidably fiendish Detective Fix, will get in her way. She and her French companion Passepartout have bet a tidy fortune that they can travel around the world in only 80 days. All they need to do is stay on time, count the sunrises, and do a bit of singing and dancing - with your help of course!

Journey around the world with our primary school adaptation of the classic novel, exploring geography, history, and the power of believing in the impossible.

Go inside a classic book

Around the World in 80 Days is an interactive musical adaptation of the classic adventure novel, originally published in 1873 but recreated for primary schools with a few modern twists. Perfect for Reception to Year 6, the musical will inspire your children to engage with storytelling and theatre, all while learning more about Victorian history and different places around the world, from Egypt to Hong Kong to Japan.

Learning Resource Pack and songs the children can learn

Around the World in 80 Days is a chance for children to engage with storytelling, literacy and geography, all while enjoying a fantastic piece of musical theatre. The children will love the show on its own, but our free resource pack allows you and your class to go a little deeper into the topics and history behind the story. Plus the sing-a-long versions of the songs, provided before the performance, gives you a chance to learn the music with the children.

Available from 30th September 2019

From 30th September until the end of October we are touring to schools in London, home counties and the Midlands. We will be touring to other areas in spring 2020.


Our performers are all West End professionals from shows like Matilda and Chicago! Performances are suitable for students from Reception to Year 6.


An interactive musical adaptation of the classic adventure novel with a free activity pack & downloadable soundtrack provided in advance


All in your school hall!

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