Literacy Musical: Under Cover

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Under Cover Literacy Musical

A Goblin has invaded the local woods and his presence is terrorising the townspeople! When one young boy, Harry, gets spooked in the woods the story quickly spreads and is blown out of all proportion.

As fearful Harry hides in his room rumours are spreading, but his school friend Tilly is not one to follow the crowd in ignorance. She wants to know how to put a stop to this Goblin thing and reclaim the woods!

Tilly realises that she can’t tackle such a big problem singlehandedly, so she seeks information and advice. That’s where our unlikely Goblin-busting hero comes in - local librarian Mr Christie! His weapon of choice: the town’s greatest resource…its books!

But the Goblin isn’t giving up without a fight. Will the truth prevail?

Popular books

This fun-filled musical adventure is peppered with audience participation and the very best in contemporary Children’s literature. It features four popular books, covering all primary ages, which you can read and explore with the children:

THE DARKEST DARK by Chris Hadfield

DARKMOUTH by Shane Hegarty

THE HUGE BAG OF WORRIES by Virginia Ironside

A CHILD OF BOOKS by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston

Important topics

Under Cover raises some important issues which primary age children can benefit from exploring and discussing.

Rumours can cause big problems. This modern day fable highlights the importance of enquiring minds and measured conduct in the real world - as well as online.

The show brings the value of books into focus not only as a means of entertainment – but as a way of informing understanding and shaping ideas. 

When the lines between fact and fiction are blurred, those who seek the truth are ultimately rewarded!

Harry and Tilly's tale is also about optimism, friendship, bravery and happiness

Activity pack and songs the children can learn

Under Cover is a great catalyst for engaging children with stories that they can enjoy both before and after the show. The children will love the show on its own, but our free activity pack and sing-a-long versions of the songs help make it easy to incorporate the stories into your lessons as well.

The West End in your school

Our performers are all West End professionals from shows like Matilda and Chicago

Age range: Reception to Year 6

Group size: Up to 250 children per show. Larger schools have multiple performances

Cost: Varies by school size 

Requirements: Just an empty school hall - we bring everything needed.

Set-up time: 20 minutes

Length: 60 minutes

Availability: For spring 2017

The shows have consistently been of a very high standard and we have never been disappointed!
— Assistant Headteacher, Birch Hill Primary School, Mar 2014
The quality of the two events you have brought us is very high and the children have gained a great deal from the experience which links well to the curriculum and enriches it.
— Headteacher, Ryton Community Infant School, Feb 2016