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Training: Mini-Musicals - The Lion King

Choreographer instructions

Please see the written information below the video.


To play the video in sync with the voiceover instructions: 

  1. Type the password in to the video if required
  2. Press play on the voiceover
  3. Listen to the spoken instructions, and press play on the video when instructed

The Lion King Reception & KS1 - part 1

The Lion King - KS2

The Lion King Reception & KS1 - part 2


Mini Musicals - The Lion King

LION KING Reception, Year 1 & 2

1) Warm Up 2) Games

a) Space Game – Easy Version (without cones)

b) Stage Directions

Split into 4 groups. Explain how they will each tell a different part of the musical.


Group 1 - Celebration of Simba’s birth at Pride Rock

Group 2 - Scar & Hyenas plotting against Simba

Group 3 - Hunt in the Jungle with the Lions & the Warthog

Group 4 - Simba is made King.


Each group comes up with a freeze frame picture that shows their part of the story. Show each other

Each group then brings their freeze to life by coming up with 4 movements. (This can be changed to 2 for young groups)

Teach them the bit of Song & Choreography (See Video Clip)

Get 2 volunteers to do opening lines

1) “My name is Simba”

2) “And this is my story”

Piece Together. Each group Freezes in picture, then does 4 (2) moves bringing it to life. Group 1, 2, 3 then 4.

All together repeat 4 (2) moves but in slow motion. Lion pounce in Canon – (Explain what that is!)

Into Song & Dance section.

Perform for Teachers. Take Bow

COOL DOWN – Simple Breathing