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Training: Scrooge

Choreographer instructions

Please see the written information below the video.


The voiceover is not yet ready - and the video is in two parts.

Scrooge part 1

Scrooge part 2


All years

1)   Warm Up

2)   Games

a)    Stage Game

b)   Scrooge to Scrooge

At the end of the games ask the children to stay with their partners and ask one to Scrooge and the other to be Mr or Mrs Cratchit.

Ask the Scrooges to stay in a space in the room and get the Cratchit’s to split between stage left and stage right.

The Cratchit’s will come onstage and mime out asking Scrooge for their wages and Christmas day off, because Tiny Tim is really ill, so they need to be desperate with their acting.

Scrooge will be counting his money and when their partner comes up to them as Mr/Mrs Cratchit they will wave them away (ba humbug)

On the loud crescendo, all the children make a still pose as Marley (Scrooge’s old work partner, who passed away from hard work and being mean) and hold. Then on the 4 cords they do choreography as Marley telling Scrooge to join him on a journey to show him the error of his ways.

On the tinkling music, the children have 2 8’s to move into 3 groups. (Put the children into groups with their partner to avoid confusion and finding their partner again later) Once they have flown to their groups, get them to crouch down and wait.

Group 1: Christmas past. Showing when Scrooge was younger and how he loved Christmas and working with the Fezziwigs and he admired his old boss. A Christmas party at the Fezziwigs factory.

1x8 Create and hold picture 1x8 bring picture to life

Group 2: Christmas present. Scrooge’s nephew playing ministers cat at his Christmas party that scrooge never attends and they are all making fun of how miserable Scrooge is.

1x8 Create and hold picture 2x8 bring picture to life (just short of 2 8’s)

Group 3: Christmas future. Showing the grave of Tiny Tim with the Cratchets all gathered around and the gravestone of Scrooge with no one visiting.

Difficult to count this music 1x crescendo to create and hold picture and 2x crescendo to act out the scene and bring picture to life.

On the ping all children jump up as Scrooge.  Realize they are still alive and have another chance to make good and that Tiny Tim is still alive and so he is going to deliver the Cratchits the biggest turkey ever and he will go to celebrate Christmas with his Nephew after all.


Into Choreography section.

Shake head

Shake arms

Shake right leg

Shake left leg

Yawn (christmas morning)

Look at watch (I’m not too late)

Turn holding present in arms (I’m going to deliver presents)

Jump in feet together hands in fists at hips

Jump feet a part thumbs out


Body dip down and up to right (Sniff the turkey)

Repeat movement left

Reach to left side arms come around in front of you (get a turkey and take it to cratchets)

1x4 4 jumps leg up in front left right left right

12 step r forward left back arms picking up present

34 jump feet together

1-8 repeat

4 gallops to right (going to the Cratchets house)

arms sweep across from left to right (giving the turkey)

find original partner and finish pose as Cratchit and Scrooge happy.


Changes for reception and year 1

Start as all scrooge walking around looking miserable (no cratchits)

Work through the pictures all together not in 3 groups, the third picture being scrooge looking sad as he realizes Tiny tim has past away

Choreography section take out turn after scrooge looks at watch and take out the step forward back after the 4x leg up and just do jump.

Pose at end just as group at Christmas, looking happy.


Take bow.

COOL DOWN – Simple Breathing


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