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Training: Man on the Moon

Choreographer instructions

Please see the written information below the video.


To play the video in sync with the voiceover instructions: 

  1. Type the password in to the video if required
  2. Press play on the voiceover
  3. Listen to the spoken instructions, and press play on the video when instructed

Man on the Moon
If the volume of the video is quiet you can turn up the five vertical bars on the Vimeo bar at the bottom of the video which are a volume control. (And your computer volume as well of course!)


Bringing Books to Life - Man on the Moon

The Man on the Moon KS1

1) WarmUp

2) Games
 . a)  Alien to Alien
 . b)  Space Game 

Put Children into 6 groups or 3 groups, if you don’t have enough children. In a normal class you will have 30 children, so do 6 groups. Ask them to make a small circle holding hands, in their group, with one child in the middle.The child in the middle is the Alien and the other children holding hands in a circle are the craters. Place your craters in the room where you want them, so they are spread out enough, and tell them that’s where they have to go to, when you say craters.

Explain that you are Bob and mustn’t see the Aliens, but that the aliens like playing a game with Bob and pop out when he isn’t looking but hide when he looks.Play this with them, looking at each group in turn so the Alien in the middle goes down.

They will want to stay down or the crater will close over. Tell the children that the crater must stay the same shape and the alien must come up when you aren’t looking at them. So they get the idea of popping up and down.Then get the children to walk around the room, and call craters, to get them to make there craters really quickly, you can do this a couple of times.

Take two of the groups and put them together, so you now have 3 bigger groups. Their crater places and people should be close by so they can easily get back into craters.Ask each group to make a picture/shape of the following:

Group 1 Bob’s house, tea and 2 eggs, clock saying 6 o’clock etc
Group 2 Bob’s rocket
 Group 3 Bob and friends having a picnic

2x8 Group 1 freeze in picture; Bob’s house,
2x8 moving picture; getting newspaper and chocolate toffees etc, a couple of the children in the group could change into newspaper sellers, or wave good bye to the man on the moon as he goes to work etc.

1x4 Group 2 stands up slowly
 1x6 put helmet on
 1x8 putting on space top and bottoms
 1x8 make space ship
1x8 spaceship moves

 1x8 group 3 make picnic freeze
 1x8 + 1x4 move picture, pointing at the stars and laughing etc
1x4 everyone up spread out ready to entertain the tourists

 1+2 Egyptian hands, step together step to right
 3+4 repeat to left
5-8 4x Russian heals forward arms in Russian position, one bent on top of the other at shoulder height.
 1 jump together
2 jump out to a star
3 jump together
4 jump out to a star
5,6 arms windmill round from the elbow, hands in fists
7 right foot crosses in front of left onto ball of foot, left hand goes behind back and right around out to side, bent at elbow and flat hand

1-4 lunge out with right foot, and look with right hand from left to right, searching for aliens.
5,6 shrug arms
7,8 shake head, no such thing as aliens.

5x8 for the children to get into their Alien and craters.

8x6 for you to look at different craters. Do this in time with the music, so you look on the 1st beat of each bar. If you have sensible year 2’s you could ask a child to be bob and look at the craters. But if in doubt do it yourself.

1x6 (you can hear a fanfare sound in the music) on this everyone salutes as bob as it’s time to go home and the moon has been checked and cleaned up.
 (11x6 in total for this next section)
2x6 children into centre of room, into rocket, crouching down
 2x6 start shaking and come to standing, shaking the whole time. Rocket taking off and going back to earth1x6 all jump to show the rocket has landed and take off helmet1x6 take off space suit
 1x6 spread out, going home
1x6 drink tea and rub tummy, eating dinner
1x6 rub right arm and left arm, having a bath
1x6 brush teeth
 1x6 sleep hands under head, going to bed

Children turn into aliens and move around as aliens, odd counts again but this is how I have counted it.
then the music changes slightly and the children make a straight line at the back of the room and freeze as aliens. Using a ssshh finger the whole time.
During this, if working with year 2, you can get a child to be bob and come to the front and lie on the floor, facing front, as if in bed. If younger kids, then you be bob but don’t lie down just face front.
2x8 aliens saying shhhh, get into a straight line at the back
 1x8 two big slow steps forward
 1x8 creeping forward1 (last beat) aliens crouch down (go to sleep/ hide), kids end in a ball, and bob jumps up and turns to look.

*If you have an enthusiastic teacher you could ask them to be Bob during the last creep forward and possibly the craters too. Don’t do it unless you’re sure the teacher will find it fun.

COOL DOWN – Simple Breathing