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Training: Music Through the Ages dance workshops

Choreographer instructions

A series of dances to music through the ages. A busy, energetic workshop - prepare to sweat!

Please see the written information below.

There are no voiceover notes for this workshop.

Music Through the Ages

Music & Dance Around the World



1) Warm Up

2) Games – Dancer to Dancer (with partner, hand to hand, back to back etc... then moving to new partner when hear dancer to dancer)

Explain how going to look at some of the different dance styles from the 1920’s through to today and the different music that those styles were danced too. When talking about each style ask if any of them know any steps from that era?

Get them into 4 groups and get them to come up with a freeze of them in a band playing different instruments.

They will all hold their freeze at the top of the music and this is their opening position.

Picked up run into a space into:
1920’s – Charleston Choregraphy (see Video) Music: Happy Feet by Paul Whiteman

Picked up runs to make one big circle into:
1930’s/40’s – Hand Jive Choregraphy (See Video) Music: Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman

Stylised walks and jazz hands out of circle, find space quite near a partner into:
1950’s – Rock & Roll - Music: Rock around the Clock by Bill Haley & The Comets.
Get them to come up with 3 individual freeze positions playing an instrument that was popular in the 1950’s........trumpet, saxaphone, guitar . Then turn to whoever nearest them for partner work – holding both hands with partner pull back right & left then roll under arms (See Video)

Jive flick kicks and high arms back into own space into:
1960’s – Twist (See Video) Music: Twisting the Night Away by Sam Cooke into:
1970’s – Disco – Music: The Hustle by Van McCoy (See Video) Explain how opening freeze position is iconic 70’s pose from Saturday Night Fever. Into:
1980’s – Thriller – Music: Thriller by Michael Jackson (See Video)

Then jumping to the 2010’s Twenty-Tens – Music: Wings by Little Mix (See Video) You can try doing the double over arm at the end like a canon from one side of the room to the other.