The Night Pirates, by Peter Harris

  • This book is full of exciting looking and unusual maps which plot out adventures.  Create your own map of an adventure you would like to take.
  • How do the illustrations in the early part of the book create a feeling of menace for Tom.  How does the illustrator use colour to emphasize this?
  • Which illustrations in the book show how things may be really and which show how things may appear in the imagination of Tom?
  • In the book Tom’s house appears to be transformed into the pirate ship.  Can you point out the illustrations that show this.  Draw some pictures of your own in which an everyday object e.g. your bed, a table, is transformed into something else entirely
  • This is a pirate story that is very different to the usual pirate story.  In what ways are the pirates in the story and their behaviour different to what people would usually expect of pirates?