The Hero of Little Street, by Gregory Rogers

  • While there is no dialogue or narrative in the book the story is very clearly told with the illustrations.  Choose a page from the book and imagine if any of the characters could speak what they might say.  You could cut out little word balloons and turn the book into a comic strip.
  • Act out a scene from the book as a play, including dialogue.
  • Jumping into a picture is a very exciting idea.  Look at a favourite paintings or photograph and imagine that you could jump into it.  Write a story about just that.
  • What are some aspects of life in the world of the painting – 17th Century Holland – that are different to life today?
  • See if you can find photographs of the place where the story is set (Trafalgar Square in London).  What things in the book illustrations tell us that it is set in Trafalgar Square?

  • The painting the boy jumps into is by the Dutch Painter Vemeer.  See if you can find pictures of other Vemeer paintings.  (Google will lead you there)