Olivia Helps with Christmas, by Ian Falconer

  • What similarities can you see between Olivia’s Christmas and your own?
  • Write a diary entry by Olivia about her Christmas and all the things that happened preparing for Santa’s arrival.  Write a diary entry by her parents for the same time.  Are there any differences in how Olivia and her parents may have seen things?
  • What evidence can you see throughout the book that shows that Olivia has a very powerful imagination?
  • Write a list of words that describe how Olivia may be feeling at various times in the book.  Are there times at Christmas or other times of the year when you feel the same way?
  • What are the things that happen during the story that show how Olivia really believes that Santa is real?
  • Olivia believes that she is very busy with all the tasks leading up to Christmas.  Write a list of all the things that need to be done.