Mirror, by Jeannie Baker

  • They say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Choose one page from the book and attempt to describe every detail in it so that someone who hasn’t seen the picture would recognise it after hearing your description.
  • Imagine that Jeannie Baker wanted to add some words to her book.  Choose ten words that come to mind looking at the pictures and then give those ten words to a partner to see if they can place them in appropriate places on the pages of the book.
  • What are some of the similarities that are shown with the family from Morocco and the family from Australia? What are some of the differences?
  • Choose a place in another country and see if you can create a collage picture of your own to illustrate that place.
  • It’s a view that can be easily missed but open up the book and put it cover up on a table to admire how each side is a reflection of the other in the different country.