Cloudbusting, by Malorie Blackman

  • At the back of the book the author lists the different styles of poetry she uses in telling the story and describes each of them. See if you can find other examples of each poetic style and share them with the class.
  • Choose an incident and try and retell it using at least two of the different poetic styles used in the book. Does one style suit your particular story better than another? Can you explain which style you think works best for you story.
  • Take one of the poems and retell what it is about in normal prose.
  • Take each of the main characters in the book and compile a list words that describe them. You may like to make two lists – one that describes how they look and one that tells us about the sort of person they are.
  • How do various characters within the story change the way they think and the way they behave?  
  • Go outside and try cloudbusting yourself or with a friend.