All Join In, by Quentin Blake

  • Take some time to practice and then read aloud your favourite poem to the class. Perhaps you can get together in pairs or groups and add sound effects to the reading to really bring it alive!
  • Create some new verses for one of the ‘All Join In’ poems. They are in the form of rhyming couplets so perhaps you can do it in pairs with each person contributing a line to your verse.
  • The poem ‘Sorting Out the Kitchen Pans’ is full of fun noises that go along with the action in the poem. Create a new poem in a similar style that is about a potentially noisy task such as ‘Working in the Tool Shed’ or ‘Crashing Through the Jungle’.
  • Choose one of the illustrations from the book and use it to write a story about what is taking place in the picture. Give the characters names and explaining what happened to create the situation shown in the picture.
  • In the final poem Ferdinand makes a chocolate fudge banana cake.  What other cakes might he have made for everyone to all join in eating? See if the class can compile a recipe book of favourite cake recipes.