How to Mend a Broken Wing, by Bob Graham

  • In the book how does Bob Graham make the city seem a cold and lonely place? Why do you think he drew Will in bright colours?

  • What kind of people do you think Will and his parents are? Explain what in the book makes you think that?

  • How long do you think it takes for the pigeon’s broken wing to heal? What in the book shows you that time is passing?

  • In our show we have a song called ‘Allowed To Fly’.  Is the singer talking about a bird or about something else? What might she mean when she says ‘people break in different ways’?

  • In this book the story is told about finding a bird with a broken wing but can you tell a similar story about something or someone else?

  • How important is kindness in the world today? What are some examples of kindness that you know about or have seen or even done yourself?