Literacy musical: Back to Before

Available from September 2013

Two children, a dusty old hourglass, and a game they can't escape!

How did the game begin? What are the rules? And who is the mysterious Time Keeper?! So many questions, but Sam and Katie don't just need answers - they HAVE to find their way out of the crazy adventure they seem unable to escape from! As they bounce head-long through time, hurtling from book to book, the only way out appears to be to find their way back to before the game began!

This sensational musical adventure is written to encourage children to engage with reading in an active and energetic manner. Back to Before is available to visit your school from September 2013 until July 2014.

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What you need to know...

Age range: Reception to Year 6

Location: In your school

Themes: Literacy, friendship, working together, tackling boredom, appreciating others

Style: Catchy original songs, audience participation

Requirements: Just an empty school hall - we bring everything needed.

Set-up time: 20 minutes

Length: 50 minutes + 5 minute after show Q&A discussion

Cast: Two West End performers

Group size: Up to 250 children per show. Larger schools have multiple performances

Accompanying material: Free activity pack  & downloadable soundtrack provided in advance

We had excellent service from the onset of booking. Staff were very helpful and accommodated all our requirements. The actors were efficient and pleasant and the children had a wonderful experience from beginning to end. We are looking forward to next year’s performance.
— Parent Link Teacher - St Thomas More First School