Shakespeare Today

Shakespeare workshops for primary schools


Let's perform a Shakespeare play together - in a single day

Imagine the children of your school joining together to perform a Shakespeare play to each other – and the whole process, including preparation, only taking one day!

Children work class-by-class to explore the play's story and characters through performance. They are guided by an expert facilitator who encourages them to use their creativity and imaginations, with each session tailored for the age of the children.

The most popular play option is A Midsummer Night's Dream. If you prefer a different play for the Shakespeare workshops we can also explore Hamlet (after February half-term 2019) or The Tempest (before February half-term 2019). We have some availability with MacbethTwelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet too!

In a typical day, each class takes on a different section of the play, leading to a shared final performance where they perform a version of the play to each other.

Alternatively just a few classes can take part in individual sessions of 40-90 minutes, with an optional sharing session at the end. Rather than covering the entire Shakespeare play the children explore the story, language and world of the play. 

Your children will explore and understand Shakespeare's characters and the story, lose their fear of Shakespeare, and experience performing in a way they will never forget.

Our workshops are perfect for Shakespeare Week (w/c 18 March 2019)

Available Plays - 2018/19

Title Autumn Spring Summer
A Midsummer Night's Dream Yes Yes Yes
The Tempest Yes Before half-term On request
Hamlet No After half-term Yes

We also have some availability with Macbeth, Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet. If you're interested in a workshop focusing on one of these plays please get in touch!

What you need to know about our Shakespeare workshops!

The director: An accomplished, professional actor experienced in working with children

Topics: Storytelling, imagination, emotions of characters, verse, responding to the story, sound of words, sounds of the story.

Age range: Reception to Year 6

Location: In your school hall

Plays: A Midsummer Nights Dream (year-round), The Tempest (until 25 February 2019), Hamlet (after 26 February 2019)

Schedule: In a one form entry primary school Reception to Year 6 work class-by-class, each focusing on a different section of the story. Each group attends one session during the day (Reception and Year 1 work together), leading to a final shared session.

Variations in scheduling are possible for larger and smaller schools, and infant and junior schools. Two form entry primaries need two days - with one class from each year taking part on each day.

Equipment required: A projector in the hall, connected to Powerpoint. Lots of cups of tea!