Dance Workshops

What a great way to bring books to life in Book Week! Even after several workshops, Christine was animated, enthusiastic and energetic, and she totally engaged the children as ‘Wild Things’, as they told the story through dance. Thank you for a fun and interactive way to motivate and involve children in literature.
— St George’s Church School, English Lead, March 2019

Drama Workshops

Our facilitator, Hannah was incredibly engaging and had the children hooked from the moment they walked in! She was obviously very familiar with the Roald Dahl texts and her knowledge and enthusiastic approach really brought the characters and stories to life. Great drama games and there were lots of happy, smily children after the sessions! Highly recommended and we will be in contact to book repeat sessions! Thank you so much!
— Norfolk House School, Head Of English, March 2019


It is lovely to have an event in school that every child from Nursery to Year 6 can look forward to. This year we had ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which I think was not quite as strong a show as last year’s ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ but was still very good. I watched with children from Nursery, Reception and Year 1 and, even though most of the dialogue went over their heads, they loved the slapstick, physical comedy as well as all the roaring and sneezing!
— Cranmer Primary School, Artsmark Co-Ordinator And Music Leader, 2019


[The facilitator] worked wonders with the children, producing a creative, coherent play, involving six classes and over 150 pupils, in just one day! It was fantastic to see the pupils growing in confidence within the 30-minute workshops and all being able to stand up, with conviction, to perform their lines in the end of day performance. The children certainly have a good understanding of a Midsummer Night’s Dream because of this - a great introduction to Shakespeare. Thank you!
— Deputy Head, Barnard Grove Primary School, March 2019