Recruitment - Freelance IT Support


Our vision and mission

Every child’s imagination should be inspired by the arts. Our mission is to use the skills of the professional theatre to provide highly creative cultural experiences to children which they will remember for ever. 


We value creativity, efficiency, fairness and ongoing relationships between our performers, the company and our customers.

The work

West End in Schools is a theatre company that creates lots of small performances and workshop visits designed to inspire children to engage with the arts - but a lot of performances means a lot of admin.

We also work remotely, running a paperless office.

To make this manageable and to reduce the chances of admin errors we use a range of cutting edge IT tools and we need some help administering the systems - perhaps from someone else who loves the theatre!

Where we need help

Linux sysadmin:

  • Basic linux sysadmin. We currently have two hosted servers.

Filemaker Pro ecosystem administration:

  • We use FileMaker Server on a hosted Windows server and our team members all use the FileMaker Pro client to access the database. There are further developments we would like to make to the system, and we also want another person in our time zone who we can call on if it goes wrong. (The hosting company is based in Canada, although the server is in Europe.)

General skills:

  • Good communication skills - the ability to talk to our 10 or so team members, and if you cannot solve their problem directly be able to have a productive conversation with the tech support from our suppliers.

  • We use a range of tools, and if you are not familiar with them then this is a great opportunity to do so. The director of the company set up these systems, but we are now too reliant on his availability if we have a problem. Software we use includes: Google G Suite,, Slack, Bria X softphones and a SIP telco, and often Zapier to link things together.

  • For marketing side we also use a range of SAAS systems to host our website and online forms, so there is a small amount of administration to do here.

Time commitment

  • We are happy to split this workload amongst one or two or even three people.

  • We think around 2-3 days per year of linux sysadmin work, the Filemaker Pro work is an open book depending on who we find, and general IT support is probably a few hours per month.

  • However, we would like to have someone else on our team so we have multiple people we can try to reach if there is a fault - even though we realise we won’t be able to get a first call on your time.

  • We also suspect that once we meet the right person the opportunities and work required will grow.


  • £150/day, or £20/hour.

Roleshare, and other jobs

We recognise that this is a relatively small amount of work, and that it is likely to be a second job, or a job alongside perhaps a technical role on a theatre show, or academic study. We’re super flexible about how it will work, and who the right person is (or people are.)

How to apply

Please email your CV to Nigel or Roxy at, or for an informal chat about the work please call 020 7395 7520.