Read All About it Optional Scenes List

Depending on the number of children you would like to have in the performance the number of scenes will vary. We would recommend one per class with all the children performing the opening and closing numbers.

If there is a topic you would like to explore that is not listed in the scenes below please let us know - we're always open to suggestions!

1.    Opening number READ ALL ABOUT IT

2.    Our Story

  • Year 6 (or perhaps Year 2 if an infant school) is about to leave. They look back at some of their favourite memories from their time at the school.
  • A teacher or staff member is leaving - wish them well and thank them.

3.    Our Friendships
In the future some of the children will have left the school, but their friendships will remain. How will they be in the future in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 50 years time?

4.    Topic based scenes

  • A Tudor song or dance
  • A Victorian song or dance
  • A song from the choir
  • A dance from the dance group
  • A choreographed dance telling the story of a book or a historical event
  • A demonstration by the gymnastics club

5.     Locality based scenes

  • The park
  • The church
  • The town
  • The shop
  • The post office

6.     Sport

  • The school teams
  • The local football team

5.    Big School
An opportunity to explore going to a new school, settling in and making new friends.

6.    Reprise of READ ALL ABOUT IT

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