School Show: Read All About It

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READ ALL ABOUT IT is a modular end of term show and a great CPD opportunity for teachers.

The production can be differentiated to suit different ages and is suitable as a primary school leavers show.

The scenes follow a structure but the content is devised by the children, making the production absolutely unique to your school and its performers.

The optional link to a newspaper created by the children could tie creative writing, ICT, art and photography in to the project, and can be used to create a programme that is cheap to copy on a photocopier, and a memento for the participating children.

READ ALL ABOUT IT can be used as a CPD opportunity for teachers - please see the grey sidebar for more information.

The Show

The show opens with a song READ ALL ABOUT IT sung by all the children which welcomes the audience and sets out the structure of the show, using the device of the Newspaper.

The Newspaper contains a number of articles which correspond to scenes in the show, and in the programme version additional articles can be added.

The scenes tell stories that are topical for the school community. Schools can choose from a selection of scenes including our original song Read All About ItOur Story (an ideal choice for a leaving class), Friendships and Locality scenes based around places in your local area. For a complete scene list please click here

Set and Costume

This can be as simple or as complicated as you like. We can provide guidance about what the children should wear and the show does not require the creating or moving of any set!

The Newspaper

We will provide links for and templates of newspaper generators, allowing you and the children to create a newspaper of the show.

The Creation Process

We will provide you with:

  • A document setting out the structure for the show
  • The song READ ALL ABOUT IT (as a recording with and without voice, and as a piano score, and its reprise version and a video showing the choreography that goes with the reprise.)
  • A four hour afternoon visit from one of our team to:
    • meet with your lead teacher and talk through through the production
    • help choose and structure the other scenes in the show, and decide who does what
    • provide ideas to cover the ‘one class sitting down whilst another stands up’ gaps which are a common problem.
    • provide specific ideas for choreography, song choice, and how to make each scene work as well as possible.
  • This process is intended to help the relevant teacher improve and develop their skills when it comes to the staging of school shows.

Additionally, and at additional cost, we can provide specialist theatrical staff to:

  • create or co-create with teachers specific scenes, and do detailed work with teachers improving their skills and giving them more confidence.
  • create choreography and teach it to the children, or work with teachers helping them develop confidence in their choreography or dance skills.
  • develop either the singing skills of the children, or the confidence of the singing teacher as appropriate.
  • give the show a final polish on a dress rehearsal day before the performance.

A professional performance - all children knew what they were doing, how to do it and to do it well. A seamless production that had the audience ‘spellbound’.
— Year 6 Teacher, Berkeley Primary School, June 2013

Age range: KS2, KS1 and Reception age children.

Group size: Between 30 and 240 children.

Cost: £499 plus VAT.

INSET: You can choose to have our staff provide a teacher training session on creating a school show and developing their performing arts teaching skills. This can be done in combination or independently from our team working to create this show. 

Always excellent, always organised, always impressive, always professional, always enjoyed!
— KS2 Literacy Subject Leader, Grange Farm Primary School, Dec 2013
Would definitely recommend this company to any primary school. It worth paying that bit extra to get such professionalism. Already thinking of booking again next year.”
— KS1 Teacher, Glenfield Infant School | Aladdin, Dec 2013