CPD: Public Speaking Training for Headteachers

Actors are highly skilled at communicating by voice to large groups of people - something which causes trepidation in many people who would like to improve in confidence and clarity.

Because barriers to public speaking are always individual, and sometimes involve overcoming personal fears, this training takes place on a one-to-one basis.

You will learn techniques which will enable you to overcome any nerves, and to consciously communicate better in a professional context.

We will work with you to develop your voice, speech and body language by analysing your personal traits whilst speaking, training you to strengthen those that work in your favour and overcome those that are a hinderance.



Initially we start with a two hour session held in a private room at your school or in an alternative venue if you prefer. 

The maximum effectiveness is gained by having two or more further sessions as you put the training into practice and feedback to the tutor as your skills develop.

Additional sessions are optional and can be decided on during each session.

Alternatively call us now on 020 7395 7520.

Practical details

Cost: £389 plus travel expenses for an initial session. £299 plus travel expenses for subsequent sessions. (All prices plus VAT.)

A defective voice will always preclude an artist from achieving the complete development of his art, however intelligent he may be.... The voice is an instrument which the artist must learn to use with suppleness and sureness, as if it were a limb.
— Sarah Bernhardt