The PPA Cover Process

Half term long projects

Projects are long enough to be in depth but change frequently, keeping the children engaged and focused. In each case we will arrange our work to match your needs.

Topic based

Every project is highly relevant to the children and their learning. We begin with the current class topic, and by using drama to bring it to life we aid their engagement and their achievement back in the classroom.

Bring out the best in each child

We inspire children to explore fresh perspectives and feel more confident.

It’s easy for children to get a reputation for being a certain way in school – and those labels can be limiting and hard to shift. But hard to reach children can engage differently through drama.

Our topic based approach starts a virtuous circle, helping teachers generate higher attainment from that child in the classroom too.

Artist in Residence

Our professional drama facilitators bring a certain magic into the school as they help children to achieve greater understanding of their topic and of themselves. As trained actors they are uniquely qualified to teach enhanced speaking, listening and presentation skills which are useful for life.

Because they are experts in drama they can also advise and help with end of term shows - a popular topic for Year 6 at the end of the summer term.

Creative Conclusions

Over the course of each project the children work towards a Creative Conclusion. This enables children to take ownership of topics through their PPA cover projects.

Past examples include a live performance of Romeo and Juliet to parents, an assembly to other children all about the Jungle, and a song and dance performance inspired by the school's local area.

Some Creative Conclusions are full blown performances, while others are opportunities to share the drama work the children have been doing with an audience.


We work incredibly closely with our partner schools and their class teachers to get to know the topics they are teaching and the children really well.

Our aim is to jointly create something of great ongoing benefit to the school, built around the school's priorities and their children's needs and talents.

We know that each school and class is different. That is why we ensure that the creative projects that we deliver are uniquely designed and tailored based on conversations with the teachers, while being flexible around the timetable and available rooms.

West End in Schools adds real value to PPA time because we don’t just plug a gap – we contribute in a significant way to the educational and emotional development of the children we teach.