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Our pantomimes use specially written scripts and songs and focus on storytelling with charm - and lots of joining in!

Beauty and the Beast School Pantomime

Beauty and the Beast

Join Beauty on her brave journey to a mysterious castle, hidden deep in an enchanted forest. As the audience share enchanted castle life with Beauty and the Beast, we help them learn the true meaning of friendship and fun in this re-imagined tale where both Beauty and the Beast are trapped in his castle.

Beauty’s magical adventure, with her new friend the Beast, shows us all that kindness and beauty are much more than skin deep…

Beauty and the Beast School Pantomime Mel Giedroyc

Dick Whittington School Pantomime

Dick Whittington

When the Bells of London tell Dick Whittington he’ll be Mayor of the whole city, he and his brave sidekick Tommy the Cat leap into the biggest adventure of their lives. But they need the children's help to outsmart their enemy Queen Rat and her army of ratty minions.

Join us on a journey that crosses oceans, jam-packed with songs, games and dance moves. As Tommy discovers the magical secret of his all-powerful Kapow Meeyow, Dick discovers the true meaning of teamwork.

Dick Whittington School Pantomime Alexander Armstrong

Aladdin School Pantomime


The magical, mystical world of Old Peking comes to your school this Christmas, brought to life by our West End actors.

Reckless ragamuffin Aladdin has an adventurous streak which keeps getting him into trouble. He defies the law and looks upon the face of Princess Jasmine – and all at once he's wanted by the police and head-over-heels in love.


Scroogical School Pantomime


There's BIG trouble in ChristmasHQ. Chrissie the trainee Christmas Spirit has got to persuade the meanest meanie of them all, Ebenezer Scrooge, to believe in the magic and wonder of Christmas, or she'll never pass her Festive Test.

If she fails, and if Scrooge's “Bah Humbug!” loathing of all things Christmassy spreads, then Christmas could get cancelled – forever!

Chrissie's going to need the help of every child in your school as she goes on a magical adventure to try to change Scrooge's mean and miserly ways, and save Christmas!


Cinderella School Pantomime


Cinderella needs your help!

Her nasty Ugly Sisters want to stop her going to the Royal Ball and ruin her chances of dancing with Prince Charming.

Luckily YOU can help Cinders' dream come true - along with her faithful, magical four-legged friend, the Furry Dogfather: woof-a-cadabra!



We need every child in your school to sing the songs and do the magical moves to make sure all the characters live happily ever after - Oh Yes They Will! The children (and teachers!) can join in the sing-a-long songs which we can provide in advance of the panto, so everyone is prepared.


All in your school hall! We will bring everything we need.


Our pantomimes are specially written for children from Reception to Year 6. Each performance can have an audience of up to 250 children, with larger schools having multiple performances.

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