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Aladdin music download

From this page you can download the sheet music, lyrics and sung and backing versions of the tracks from Aladdin. We've had to split them in to multiple files in order to put them on the website.

Please click the links below to download.


Folders containing the tracks (downloaded as zip files)

Aladdin vocal tracks 1 to 4

Aladdin vocal tracks 5 to 9 (Please note there is no track 6!)

Aladdin backing tracks 1 to 4

Aladdin backing tracks 5 to 9


Words and sheet music:

Aladdin sheet music

Aladdin song lyrics


Individual tracks

If the above folder links don't work you can download the tracks individually. You might need to do a right click and then select Save As - or something similar depending on your computer set up.

Track 1 vocal

Track 2 vocal

Track 3 vocal

Track 4 vocal

Track 5 vocal  (this song is no longer used in the performance)

Track 7 vocal

Track 8 vocal

Track 9 vocal


Track 1 backing

Track 2 backing

Track 3 backing

Track 4 backing

Track 5 backing (this song is no longer used in the performance)

Track 7 backing

Track 8 backing

Track 9 backing