MP3 Players

Every MP3 player should have every show and workshop we currently perform on it. If it is showing the wrong show album you will have to use the iPod style controls to select the correct album. The menus work exactly the same as an old iPod apart from they have arrow keys instead of a touch sensitive ring to move up and down.

We use three different types of MP3 players. They are all very nearly the same - but the pictures below show you a couple of things to look out for!

Type 1:
With an On/Off Switch

Some players have an on/off switch on the top right. You pull the switch down for two seconds to turn the player on or off.

Type 2:
No On/Off Switch

These are identical to the above - but you turn it on or off by holding down the play/pause button.

Type 3:
Different shape

These are exactly the same as the Type 2, but the buttons are a different shape.

You turn them on and off by holding the play button.

The forward and back buttons are the right and left sides of the square, and the play button is the right hand button in the row.

So pressing "forward and play" is the right hand side of the square, followed by the right hand side of the line.