Inspiring Writing literacy workshops

Creative writing workshop using drama, movement and music


Talk for Writing

Each day begins with a whole school assembly: an introduction to bring children into the mindset of creativity and writing.

In the assembly we use stimuli from the worlds of music and art to help the children create a shared "Beginning" for our stories - consisting of a setting and a main character.

During the day each class, and later each child, will branch out from this shared Beginning of a story in their own directions. And by the end of our sessions they will be ready to to go back to class and write.

Totally brilliant - our children from Y1 to Y6 took part in the workshops and all had a positive and uplifting experience at their own level. The standard of writing arising from the Inspiring Writing workshops was very high indeed. I would strongly recommend these workshops.
— Assistant Head/ English Leader, Westfield Primary School, Feb 2017


The class-by-class workshops are differentiated for each year group. With each class we will work from the shared Beginning created in the assembly.

Our workshop leader will use drama to help the children create a conflict or challenge for our main character, and also to create a list of related vocabulary.

Working with the children in smaller groups, more drama activities will help the children bring the story to their own narrative climax.

For younger children we will facilitate their completion of the story, and for older children the resolution of the story will be for them to complete individually.


By the end of their class session each child will have created their own independent story, and will be ready to put it into words. If age appropriate they will be ready to go back to their class to write it using words from the vocabulary.

What you need to know

Workshop leader: An accomplished, professional actor experienced in working with children

Schedule:  An assembly followed by six classes in a day.

We can optionally visit over several consecutive weeks and build on the children’s characters to create a performance at the end for the other children, parents or for recording. The children could use the time after the sessions for creative writing, diary entries and a review of the final production and experience at the end.

Education outcomes: Creative writing, responding to stimuli, imagination

Location: In your school hall