INSET: Using dance to explore children's literature

This INSET introduces a toolkit which will give you additional skills and confidence to investigate stories and characters in a new way. This can be a full day or twilight INSET course.

Course overview

Dance is a form of storytelling, and in musical theatre the choreographer plays a special role in bringing the story to life. The active nature of a dancers' involvement with the story is particularly transferrable to the classroom, and is especially engaging for those who struggle with more traditional literacy lessons.

‘Exploring Children’s Books Through Dance’ is a hands-on session equipping teachers with a toolkit of dance techniques. Learn methods for developing perspective on character and setting, as well as physical storytelling, that can be used with primary school children from Reception to Year Six.

The INSET is an expansion on the skills and methodology that our popular Bringing Books to Life and Poetry in Motion workshops were built on.

Practical details

Location: INSET courses can be run in schools all around the country.

Duration: Full day or 2 hour twilight course

If you would like to book a date, or enquire about a course with teachers from more than one school, please telephone us or click here.

The facilitators were very approachable and in touch with what we, as teachers, are trying to achieve. Clearly very knowledgeable too