History Explorer:
Drama Workshop


History workshops for primary schools using the skills and techniques of professional theatre

When children approach a topic through drama they experience it first-hand. History Explorer workshops take a cross-curricular approach to historical events and time-periods, enabling children to develop their confidence and performance skills while gaining an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Classes work alongside an expert actor and drama facilitator to explore key characters, contexts and events. Each drama workshop can last between 45 to 90 minutes for KS1 or 60 to 90 minutes for KS2, depending on your chosen topic.

History Explorer Topics

The list is always growing, but these are the existing topics. Please let us know which you are interested in and we will provide more information.

Ancient Greece

Learn about the Spartans, Greek Gods and Goddesses from Zeus to Athena, practice how to move and speak like a Greek chorus, and explore the famous Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa.

The Gunpowder Plot

Explore the events behind the infamous 5th November Gunpowder Plot, from Guy Fawkes’ gang to King James I, to the letter that revealed everything. Reimagine and explore how bonfire night is celebrated today.

The Stone Age

Travel back in time to the Stone Age, and learn about the three different stages, how our tools developed, what people ate, and how they lived. Using poetry and dramatic imagery, examine a day in the life of someone during the prehistoric period to imagine what it was like first-hand.

World War 2

What was it like to be a child during the Second World War? Using songs and extracts from Julia Donaldson’s Bombs and Blackberries, children explore life as a child evacuee and imagine differences between then and now.

Other topics - please ask!

We’re creating new Explorer workshops all the time - if you have a special request for a topic let us know and we may be able to make your workshop next at no extra charge! Or you can look at our full list of Explorer drama workshops.

Poetry and Poppies - WW1


We also run workshops on World War One as either a standalone workshop or a full-day drama workshop and performance for the whole school! These workshops are called Poetry and Poppies.


An experienced drama facilitator experienced in working with primary school children, with a current Enhanced DBS check.


Exploring history through drama and movement, focused on your chosen period.


All in your school hall!

How long?

Bookings as short as one class for one hour are available to schools inside the M25.

For schools in and south of Birmingham, and in and east of Bristol the minimum booking is a half-day. Elsewhere in the country the minimum booking is a full day.

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