Expenses policy

Updated February 2019

What expenses can I claim?

Travel by train

  1. If in London please use a travelcard, Oyster pay as you go or Contactless Payment Card but not single tickets. We will refund anything extra to what you would normally pay. You can get a print out of your journeys from the TFL website which shows the amount you can claim.

  2. If travelling by train please travel in standard class and buy the cheapest ticket possible. If travelling by train you can claim for taxis to your hotel and to the school etc. If you buy a more expensive ticket than the one you need to we will only refund the cheaper ticket.

  • For workshop leaders and dancers please book in advance if possible, and get advance or super off peak tickets.

  • For actors in shows please buy a super off peak flexible return ticket.

Travel by car

  1. You are responsible for paying the Dart Charge road toll if you go over the Dartford Bridge or through the Dartford Tunnel on the M25 east of London. The need to pay the charge is clearly signposted where it applies. This can be paid from a mobile phone or computer and you can pay online here.

    N.B. This must be paid EVERY TIME you cross (i.e. crossing twice in a day incurs two charges) and you must pay by midnight of the day after you cross. You can reclaim this from us using the emailed receipt.

    Please make sure you pay this, as whoever is driving will be responsible for the £100 fine if you do not. If there are two actors performing in a show and it is not clear who is driving then the fine will be shared 50/50.

  2. Please get a receipt for any other road tolls outside of London - you can of course reclaim these.

  3. If you are using your own car you can download a mileage form here which needs to be completed on a computer. N.B. You also need to provide high res photos (ie large or original size if you’ve taken them on a phone) VAT petrol receipts to cover roughly the amount you are claiming. Please send these through in the same email as your mileage form.

London Congestion Charge

  1. Enterprise Club cars are exempt.

  2. Europcar cars - these are not exempt. You have to pay the Congestion Charge personally and reclaim it. The passenger can do this from a mobile phone in the car.

    • In London, when you see a white C in a red circle, you’re in the congestion zone and, between the hours of 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, you will need to pay the congestion charge.

      If you’re not sure you can click here to look at the London Congestion Charge Map

      You can pay in advance or on the day of travel, online or by phone. To pay by phone, call 0343 222 2222 and follow instructions.

      To pay online, go to this webpage, click on ‘Pay in advance or by midnight on the day of travel’ and follow instructions. They will email you a receipt, and you can claim it from us.

      You only need to pay once, no matter how many times you go in and out of the congestion charge zone on any one day.

      To pay online or by phone you will need the vehicle registration number which for most cars is on the key fob - or the number plates of course!


  1. When working outside London if you feel more comfortable staying close to the school in a hotel or B&B that is always fine.

  2. It is usually best to stay as close to the school as possible to reduce stress in the morning!

  3. There is no fixed cost per night, but please book on a bed and breakfast basis. Typical costs range from £20 to £65 depending on location and what’s available.

  4. If you stay with a friend you can claim a fixed £10 towards a gift or similar. No receipt is needed.

  5. If you stay in an established hotel you must ask for a VAT receipt!


  1. Breakfast – please book hotels on a B&B basis

  2. Lunch – please arrange your own pack lunch at your own cost.

  3. Evening meal – we will provide a £10 contribution to your evening meal if you are staying away from home. No receipt is needed.


  1. If you incur other costs which are required to do your job we will reimburse you. Please speak to us in advance where possible.

How do I claim my expenses?

When and how do my expenses get paid?

  • Valid expenses claims with legible receipts received by midday on Monday will by paid on the Tuesday evening. We will pay by bank transfer at the same time as we pay any fees due to you. (Everything will usually appear in your account by Wednesday morning.)

How do I claim my expenses?

  • Please send in your expenses by email to cast@weis.team using our expenses claim form, and with copies or originals of each receipt. Photos are fine but these need to be high res (i.e. large or original size if you’ve sent them from a phone).

  • We do not accept expenses claims by text message, on Whatsapp, on Facebook etc.! If you must send them via Dropbox please just send the link rather than share the folder.

Where is the expenses form?

  • You can download it from here as a PDF or as a Microsoft Word .doc file. If you are emailing in your receipts please either edit the word document on a computer, or print out the PDF, write in the spaces and send us a scan, or a clear high resolution photo - which the iPhone calls 'original' resolution.

  • If you are using your own car you can download a mileage form here which needs to be completed on a computer. N.B. You also need to provide high res photos (ie large or original size if you’ve taken them on a phone) VAT petrol receipts to cover roughly the amount you are claiming. Please send these through in the same email as your mileage form.

Can I send you photos of receipts with the expenses form?

  • Yes, sure. But they need to be high resolution (iPhones call it Original Resolution), brightly lit, legible and not blurred, and all the details need to be included in the same picture - including the amount, the name of the company, their address and their VAT number. If it is too blurry for the tax inspectors to read we may reject it and paying your expenses claim may be delayed.

Can I email you receipts during the week as I receive them?

  • No! If you are claiming by email then once each week please email us your expenses claim form with photos or PDF's of receipts attached to the same email. If you cannot attach them then please email them immediately afterwards so they are all next to each other in our inbox.

How quickly do I need to claim expenses?

  • Expenses should be submitted within 2 weeks from the week the expense was incurred - or you'll miss the boat!

Do I need to provide VAT receipts?

  • Please submit a VAT receipt for anything involving VAT - in particular hotel stays (other than small B&B's which are not usually VAT registered). Hotels should be able to provide a VAT receipt as you check out - or even the night before. If you don't provide a VAT receipt we will only pay you the net amount. If we end up phoning the hotel to get a copy of the VAT receipt rather than you we will deduct £5 from your expenses claim.

When do I get reimbursed?

  • We aim to pay everyone's expenses every Tuesday provided they have arrived with us by midday on the Monday. Everything will usually appear in your account by Wednesday morning. Please don’t call us during the daytime on Tuesday to ask if these have been paid; we’re usually processing expenses on a Tuesday and will confirm by email when these have been processed.
    Occasionally in busy weeks we might not manage to process them until the Wednesday.