The Ramayana:
The Diwali Dance Workshop


This dance workshop brings all the energy of Diwali into the heart of your primary school.

Celebrate Diwali with The Ramayana Dance Workshop - perfect for Diwali 2019 which runs from 25th October to 29th October!

This dance workshop brings all the energy of Diwali into the heart of your primary school. Music and movements inspired by Indian culture will ‘light up’ your school hall.

The most well known story behind Diwali is in the Ramayana, the great Hindu epic about prince Rama and his wife Sita. This important literary work has been shared orally and through dance for centuries.

Important cross-cultural concepts like the power of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, freedom over oppression, and hope over despair are all touched upon.

The children vividly imagine and physically embody the different roles, dramatic situations and actions of the main characters in the Ramayana as they retell elements of this epic story through dance.

Diwali is embraced by a number of religions and is a metaphor for the idea of self-improvement. It’s fitting then that through inspirational dance, led by a West End choreographer, the children unite to celebrate this iconic story together.

By retelling the famous story through dance children improve their cultural understanding and confidence in self-expression.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of the most well known story behind Diwali by recreating the narrative from start to finish. 

  • To gain confidence in physical literacy and explore how physical vocabulary can express emotion.

  • To develop creative ownership and the imagination by working alongside a professional dancer-choreographer.

  • To improve cultural understanding by exploring this important literary work.


In one school day a professional West End dancer/choreographer can lead up to seven sessions of up to 30 children from Reception to Year 6.


Storytelling through movement, responding to stimuli, creation of simple dances, expressing feelings.


All in your school hall!

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