Music Through the Ages:
Dance Workshop


Please note that we are not currently delivering this workshop due to some of the choreography referencing Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We plan to update this workshop but in the meantime recommend Dance Around Our World.


Explore music and dance from the 1920s to the present day

Our choreographer will work with each class, giving them a chance to explore music and dance from the 1920s to the present day. The workshop includes the 1940s Jive, 1950s Rock n' Roll and 1970s Disco.

The children will be inspired by the dances which evoke the different periods in history, many of which also appear on Strictly Come Dancing! We use a range of techniques and music, and customise each session to suit the interests and age of the children.

Each workshop concludes with a performance, when the children perform aspects of their work to themselves and to their teacher.

Music and dances included in the workshop:

1920's - Charleston - Paul Whiteman - Happy Feet

1930's/40's - Jive - Benny Goodman - Sing Sing Sing

1950's - Rock & Roll - Bill Haley & the comets - Rock around the clock

1960's - Mashed Potato/Twist/Funky Chicken - Twisting the night away - Sam Cooke

1970's - Disco - The Hustle - Van Mc Coy

1980's - Thriller - Michael Jackson

Present Day - Wings - Little Mix


In one school day a professional West End dancer/choreographer can lead up to seven sessions of up to 30 children from Reception to Year 6.


Storytelling through movement, responding to stimuli, creation of simple dances, expressing feelings.


All in your school hall!

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