George and the Dragon:
Dance Workshop


A ferocious dragon, a kingdom in peril, and the knight and princess who save the day

Our George and the Dragon dance workshop is a fantastic celebration of British heritage and culture. Using movement, group work, and traditional English dance, children work together to retell the medieval legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

We use children's book adaptations of the epic tale to help bring it to life, and explore steps used in traditional dance styles including Maypole dancing, Morris dancing and country dancing.

Sessions are tailored for primary school children of all ages:

Older children explore the traditional retelling of Saint George and the Dragon by Louis Stowell, illustrated by John Joven, which also includes history of the story alongside different ideas of how the legend developed.

Younger children use George and the Dragon, an adaptation by Chris Wormell, which tells the story with a twist: of a mighty dragon so fierce that nothing can scare it – except mice. And of what happens when a mouse named George moves into the cave next-door the very next day…

Led by one of our West End in Schools choreographers, these class by class workshops are the perfect way to develop teamwork, inspire confidence, and spark the imagination.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of the medieval legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

  • To gain confidence in physical literacy and explore how physical vocabulary can express emotion.

  • To develop creative ownership and the imagination by working alongside a professional dancer-choreographer.

  • To collaborate with classmates to celebrate British heritage and culture.


In one school day a professional West End dancer/choreographer can lead up to seven sessions with children from Reception to Year 6.


Storytelling through movement, responding to stimuli, creation of simple dances, expressing feelings.


All in your school hall!

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