Dance workshop: Celebrating a British Summer

From Wimbledon to the the Queen

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Best of British

Celebrate with a dance workshop that embraces the Best of British. It's all about teamwork as the children create a dance piece exploring favourite British pastimes to well-known British tunes.

It's a great opportunity to think about what makes us British, and to use our bodies too.

The Winning Team

Originally created to celebrate the London Olympics through dance and movement, this workshop is far too good to retire!  Children become their own Team GB, working together to create a dance piece to well known sporting theme tunes, opening their minds to all sorts of sports as they go!

What you need to know

Workshop leader: A West End dancer and choreographer experienced in working with children

 Topics: Communicating ideas through movement, basic performance skills, responding to music, creation of simple dances.

 Age range: Reception to Year 6

 Location: In your school hall

 Group size: Up to 30 children per class and 6 or 7 classes per day. Larger schools may need multiple days.


It taught the students how to make up a short routine, what freeze frame was and how simple actions can be turned into a dance…the workshop was great!
— PE Teacher, Babington House School