Feedback from recent dance workshops in schools:


Lutley School Dance workshop.jpg
All staff and pupils were overwhelmingly impressed with the dance and movement workshops we experienced. Lucinda also delivered an inspiring assembly to kick the week off. She was confident, talented and the children loved her! As a school Leader, I highly recommend this company. Engaging, imaginative and awe-inspiring. Thank you and please keep us updated on your provision.
— English Leader, Lutley Primary School, March 2017

Serlby Park dance workshop.jpg
A big thank you to West End in Schools for ‘Bringing Books to Life’ in our school and helping our primary pupils celebrate World Book Day. All our pupils were able to take part...for a performance of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. We had a fantastic two days and we’ll certainly be booking again for next year.
— Librarian, Serlby Park Academy, March 2017

Whitefield school dance workshop .jpg
Superb workshops! All the children from Reception to Year 6 enjoyed their workshops and staff could not stop talking about it either. The session was fast paced to keep all the children engaged but easily accessible for all the children, regardless their ability level, level of English and so on. Thank you so much!
— English Leader, Whitefield Junior School, March 2017

St Bernadette dance workshop review.png
My reception class had such a great time during their West End in Schools dance workshop. It was based on ‘the BFG’ and was the perfect way for us to end book week. The dance teacher was fantastic with my children. She explained everything in a way they that they understood and they all responded really well to her. The workshop was pacey, fun and active, keeping the children engaged the whole time. They had a blast and so did I! The parents loved seeing the videos afterwards and all commented on what a great experience their child had had.
— Teacher, Saint Bernadette Roman Catholic Primary School, March 2017

The workshops were great! Full of fun, energy and really positive feedback from children and staff. We all enjoyed the day which ran smoothly and without problems. Our Dance ‘teacher’ was enthusiastic and full of praise for the children who took to him immediately. He was creative and interesting as well as very good with the behaviour control. Many thanks for a brilliant day.
— Headteacher, St Catherine's Catholic Primary School, November 2016

Very interesting assembly, great delivery from the choreographer and very well planned, both children and adults really enjoyed it. The dance classes were fun and engaging - the choreographer had great behaviour management and was enthusiastic and entertaining for the children.
— Deputy Head, All Saints C of E Primary School, March 2016

The activities were very well suited to the children’s ages and the assembly a fantastic way to start the day. The choreographer was fantastic with the children and clearly talented. All the children enjoyed taking part and the choreographer made the day run very smoothly - even with last minute
— Drama and Music Coordinator, Hillsgrove Primary School, March 2016

The workshops and assembly were just fantastic. The children loved the whole morning and it was a great way to celebrate World Book Day in a different way. The choreographer was enthusiastic and so talented and we would be very keen to do this again next year. Thank you!
— Assistant Head, Hayfield Cross C of E School, March 2016

We’ve been delighted with the standard of the work done with our pupils, across all stages. It is great to give pupils access to the kind of expertise your performers offer. Good for them to see real “quality” - which with the best will in the world, they won’t necessarily get from teachers. All of our children have worked with one of your dancers this week and this will continue to be a yearly event that staff and pupils look forward to. Thank you!
— Assistant Head, Anglesey Primary School, Nov 2015

The children were very engaged both physically and mentally due to the amount of moves they had to learn and remember. It was excellent to have a male role model for the boys and they really responded well to this. The children were motivated and challenged throughout the session. It was how every dance lesson should be!
— Dance Co-ordinator,Belleville Primary School, Oct 2015

Greswell Primary School
I found West End in Schools to be engaging, exciting and fun for the children to take part in. All staff commented on the quality of the delivery of the workshop and how much the children enjoyed the workshop. We would definitely book again and thank West End in Schools for providing such an excellent package.
— Literacy Leader, Greswell Primary School, Mar 2015

Ridgeway Infant School
They were incredibly inclusive, engaging and undoubtedly fun for all [both staff and children!]. It was great the see the challenging children really motivated to join in and enjoy the sessions too!
— Year 2 Teachers, Ridgeway Infant School, Mar 2015

Anglesey Primary School
This has been a terrific experience for our children. The dance workshops are cleverly differentiated, allowing access for every age group, yet providing a level of challenge which leaves the pupils with a real sense of achievement...and it was FUN! It’s always good for children to learn from people who can “really do it” and the quality of that experience was reflected in their performance. Thank you West End in Schools! We’ll be seeing you again.
— Assistant Head, Anglesey Primary School, Mar 2015

Duke's Middle School
Children loved the workshops and their attention was held for the whole session. Even some of the boys, who are often negative about dance, got heavily involved. They seemed to take pride in performing to the other year group too.
— PE Teacher, Duke's Middle School, Feb 2015

The children were fully involved and active, hardly any sitting and talking. Great for behaviour control and children with English as a second language.
— Assistant Head, Holbrook Primary School, Dec 2014

St Oswald's
Educational benefits of the workshops: Super opportunity to deliver dance through story.
Great for team building and listening. All of the workshops were age appropriate and all of the children and staff were buzzing in our school today.
— Deputy Head, St Oswald's RC Primary School, Feb 2015

The moment I met the choreographer I knew that she was going to inspire the children in our school. Her assembly at the beginning of the day was absolutely fantastic - the children were awestruck when she danced! Our children were so inspired and enthusiastic in her dance workshops and they definitely kickstarted our World Book Day celebrations in a massive way... we learnt so much, we had so much fun, we LOVED it. Thank you!
— Reading Co-ordinator, St Peter's Primary, Mar 2014

Castle Batch Primary
A fantastic workshop that totally engaged all the children and the adults....certainly reenergised my way of teaching!
— Year 2 Teacher, Castle Batch Primary, Mar 2014

Malvern Way
The workshops are excellent and provide a stimulating focus for storytelling through dance. We have been amazed at the improvement in our children and staff.
— Headteacher, Malvern Way Infant and Nursery School, Mar 2014

St Barnabas Primary School
This is the best dance workshop you will ever have in your school. The dance teacher is very reliable, professional and inspirational. All the children, from Reception to Year 6, achieved amazing results. Excellent value for money. We have booked two years running and hope to book again!
— Literacy Co-ordinator, St Barnabas Primary School, Mar 2014

Twiss Green Primary School
West End in Schools provide thoroughly engaging, creative workshops that allow all children to achieve. In just a short session my Reception Class created a finished dance piece based on the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. All of the children had a fantastic time and gained a great deal from the experience of working with a highly skilled dance practitioner.
— Reception Class Teacher, Twiss Green Primary, Mar 2014

Bader Primary School
The dance teacher held us all in her spell, hooking the children in - boys and girls - inspiring them to move and perform in the way that she so ably demonstrated. She worked tirelessly all day long, having the children interpret, through dance, characters from texts known to them, ultimately supporting them in expression through writing. Top quality!!
— Headteacher, Bader Primary School, Mar 2014

Warren Farm Primary School
The choreographer pitched the workshops at exactly the right level for all the pupils, even Year 1. The dance was fun and all the children joined in and enjoyed themselves. West End in Schools were very good value for money and the children all had a great day.
— Year 2 Teacher - Warren Farm Primary School, Mar 2014

I was fortunate to be able to attend the workshop and I would just like to say how much the children enjoyed the experience. Children who often find it hard to join in were having so much fun and the childrens language was extended.

The workshops allowed the children to express themselves and I think many of them will want to be a Troll or a Pirate! Your colleague was so good with the children and his enthusiasm even encouraged thise of us who are a little long in the tooth to join in.

Can I also say it was wonderful for our boys to see a male dancer who talked about fitness and related it to the sports the children love. I think some of our boys think a little differently about dancing now- thank you!!
— Headteacher, Kilamarsh Infant & Nursery School, Feb 2014

Pentland Infant and Nursery School.png
It was wonderful to see every child so engaged. The choreographer held their attention from the beginning of the workshops to the very end. Even the least confident children were eager to participate and it was lovely to see those children who have more limited language skills communicating through movement.
— Headteacher, Pentland Infant and Nursery School, Dec 2013

cranmere primary.jpg
The pace was spot on and it was lovely that they had the opportunity to learn a whole dance as it meant that the children felt like they had achieved something bu the end of the workshop.
— Performing Arts Co-ordinator/Class Teacher, Cranmere Primary School, Oct 2013

Ashford Friars Prep School.jpg
The dance workshop was stimulating, engaging and the children could not stop smiling and talking about it for the rest of the week. Having someone who has performed in the West End really inspired them and made them want to do their best.
— Deputy Head, Ashford Friars Prep School, Oct 2013

Hugh Mydd Primary.png
The boys in my class who generally ‘don’t do dance’ were completely engaged, which surprised us all. Very well planned workshop, the perfect choice of music with an ideal piece of literature. Thank you so much!
— Assistant Head and Year 6 Teacher, Hugh Myddelton Primary School, Oct 2013

Hampsthwaite Primary.png
Strengths of the workshop: The professionalism of the tutor, and the way every child could respond and achieve so well, at their own level but also stretching their sights and capabilities. Also, a very positive male role model for dancing.
— Headteacher, Hampsthwaite Primary, Oct 2013

West Hill Primary School.jpg
We liked the idea of linking dance to popular literature. The children learned how dance and movement can express a variety of feelings and can be used to tell a story and teachers learned a great deal about how to deliver dance in a simple and incredibly effective way.
— Headteacher, West Hill Primary School, Sep 2013

St Paul's CE Primary,.png
A thoroughly enjoyable experience for both children and staff. Smiles from beginning to end. Superb opportunities for collaborative work and self expression.
— Deputy Head, St Paul's CE Primary, July 2013

This is an amazing way to explore literature, no writing, no talking but total engagement. Our children were captivated.
— Executive Headteacher, Liphook Federation, Mar 2013

I was amazed by the children’s responses to the dance workshops. The choreographer had them hooked from start to finish and this included children in Early Years up to Year 6! All pupils were enthused and were more than happy to join in, it was great to see all pupils wanting to perform.
— Literacy Leader, The Tyrrells Primary School, Apr 2013

Everybody was involved, even the children who normally don’t engage with these activities.
— Year 5 Teacher, Ellingham Primary School, Jun 2013

A beautifully choreographed and organised workshop giving children not only an insight into life as a west end performer but also learning literacy through performance. A fantastic day enjoyed by all. Thank you!
— Year 4 Teacher, Henleaze Junior School, Apr 2013

regents park community primary school.jpg
Staff and children would thoroughly recommend West End in Schools. The staff are delightful and absolutely fantastic with the children. A must for schools, we will definitely be asking them to come back into our school.
— Literacy Leader, Regents Park Community Primary, Mar 2013

Bede Primary School.jpg
Many teachers commented that it was the best session we had ever bought into and parents and families thoroughly enjoyed the final performance.
— Deputy Head Teacher, Bede Community Primary School, Apr 2013

David Livingstone Academy.jpg
West End in Schools were great when they came to our school. The children were motivated, engaged and excited from start to finish. A brilliant addition to Book Week, the curriculum or as a special treat.
— Year 5 Teacher and English Leader, David Livingstone Academy, Mar 2013

I would definitely recommend this to all schools. All ages of children were included and learnt from this. It has given the teachers and TAs some ideas to use for future texts. We are marking it in the diary for next year!
— Headteacher, Leedstown Primary School, Mar 2013

Bure Park Primary School.jpg
We had a inspiring workshop held by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic dancer. The children were fully engaged and had a great time. Without realising it they learnt a new story and explored its characters in no time at all. Within 40 mins they were able to retell it through dance. As teachers it was useful to learn a new way into exploring stories and it gave us the confidence to try this approach ourselves; a great alternative to drama or stepping through a story. I will certainly be recommending West in Schools to other teachers.
— Literacy Coordinator, Bure Park Primary School, Feb 2013

Hollycombe Primary.jpg
The choreographer had the whole school rapt from the moment he started - it was very exciting to have a real dancer in school, especially one with such a passion for what he does. He was a fantastic role model to the boys and it was lovely to watch all of our pupils being so enthusiastic in the workshops. Thank you!
— Headteacher, Hollycombe Primary, Dec 2012

Delce Infant School.jpg
I was completely thrilled with the enjoyment the children showed during these workshops. The educational benefits included listening and concentration skills, fitness and participation. Brilliant!
— Headteacher, Delce Infant School, Dec 2012