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Billionaire Boy: 5 activities for exploring the story with KS2

This summer we have been introducing all the books featuring in our World Book Day 2020 Story Explorer workshops. We wanted to share with you why we love these books as well as five of our favourite classroom activities to accompany them. This week is our last (but by no means least!) book in the list by author, comedian and TV personality David Walliams.

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The Railway Children: 5 activities for exploring the story with KS2

In this blog series we have been looking at classroom activities that compliment our Story Explorer World Book Day 2020 selection. So far we have looked at The Rainbow Fish, The Tiny Seed, Stick Man, Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda and Fortunately, the Milk. This week we are focusing on a classic tale that follows three brave children on their childhood adventures!

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Fortunately, the Milk: 5 activities for exploring the story with KS2

It may be the middle of the summer holidays, but our minds are on World Book Day (7 months and counting…). If you’re short of something to read this summer, head to our World Book Day 2020 book list for inspiration. Other the summer term we have been sharing some of our favourite activities to go alongside our Story Explorer book selection. We are sure that our book in focus this week will make you laugh out loud no matter what your age…

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The Tiny Seed: 5 activities for exploring the story with EYFS & KS1

Last month we announced our World Book Day 2020 selection. And this is the second in a series of blogs looking at how to utilise these books in the classroom (if you missed our first one on ‘The Rainbow Fish’ you can find it here).

This week we are taking a look at The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, one of the wonderful options for our Story Explorer drama workshops.

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Your Guide to the Summer Term

You’ve made it! Welcome to the final term of this academic year - we are that bit closer to the summer.
It may be the last term, but it is by no means least. There are plenty of upcoming events and occasions to celebrate. And we have put together a timeline of what there is to look forward to this term, as well as some suggestions on how to get involved!

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Creative Classroom Activities for World Book Day

Each year we have the joy of whittling down our World Book Day selection to just five phenomenal books for our Bringing Books to Life dance workshops. This year we selected five books, each with their own unique set of benefits for primary school students. We wanted to share with you why we love these books so much, and also some fun ways to explore them back in the classroom.

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