Pantomimes and PTA

Pantomimes and PTA

“Can a pantomime really help the PTA?”

— Oh yes it can!

Many PTA’s help cover the cost of a school’s pantomime visit as a seasonal treat for the children, but did you know that pantomimes can be a fantastic fundraising tool as well?

Great performance of Aladdin. The actors held the children’s attention throughout. The children loved every minute, lots of singing, interaction and smiles and laughter. The perfect Christmas treat!
— Kingsmoor Lower School, PTA Secretary, 2018

Combining a pantomime with your PTA fundraiser not only ensures that the children are thoroughly entertained, but also provides an added attraction for attendees without hours of organising and preparation - all we need from you is a school hall. After that you can sit back and relax. We’ll take care of the rest!

How does it work?

A Christmas fair, wreath making class, a raffle or a quiz? All great fundraising ideas, but what are the children going to do? Plus, all potential babysitters are also potential fundraising attendees, and we don’t want them to miss out!

A Panto for the kids means the adults are free to attend the fundraising event and enjoy themselves (and maybe even have a mulled wine or two), knowing that the children are having a great time singing along with our loveable panto characters.

Other PTA’s opt to sell tickets or snacks for the pantomime as additional fundraising (our favourite snacks are anything without a crinkly wrapper), which can also be a great way of building funds for future PTA activity!

Combining Panto & PTA:

  • A pantomime can be a star attraction helping to entice more fundraiser guests!

  • Ticket sales can contribute to future PTA activity

  • The panto providers entertainment for the children, whilst the adults enjoy the fundraiser

When do PTA Pantomimes take place?

When it’s cold outside, it’s panto inside!

  • November to January is prime panto time!

  • Anytime after the school day has finished - when school is out and work is done, it’s time to have some panto fun.

  • Looking for a performance to spice up a Sunday fete? Or a Saturday Christmas fair? We’ve got you covered!

School day or evening, weekday or weekend - whenever a fundraiser can take place, so can a pantomime.

We always love hearing from PTAs about their creative fundraising events, so get in touch and let us know your ideas!

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For more information on our 2018 pantomimes, click here.

- Katie