The Flaw in the Fairytale (or how to make a school pantomime part 2)

It’s no secret that most adaptations of fairytales work very hard to change, solve or gloss over some of the darker details. But it’s one thing to watch an established retelling of a classic story, and an entirely different thing to create your own. For this year’s title, Beauty and the Beast, our writers Andrew and Alex went back to the original tale before writing their version. But going to the core of the original story meant coming face to face with the story’s biggest challenges.

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How to Make a School Pantomime Part 1: The Read-Through

How do you reimagine a beloved story? How do you take a tale (as old as time) and make it work for primary schools across the country, and fit into an hour’s pantomime performance in their school hall, and make it so magical that they will remember it for years to come? Read about the making of our new Beauty and the Beast pantomime here!

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How Roald Dahl inspired me…

Roald Dahl Day is on 13th September and 2016 marks 100 years since his birth!

Now is a great time to inspire yet another generation of children with the wonders of Roald Dahl’s work. Our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Enormous Crocodile dance workshops are currently ‘flying off the shelf’!

We asked a few of our performers to tell us how Dahl inspires them. Here's what they said...

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