Putting the Fun in Fundraising with a School Pantomime!

Every Head and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) wants to encourage the main stakeholders of their school to come in, enjoy time together and build the school community. If this can be done while also raising money for the school, even better!

You’re likely to get better engagement and raise more money when the parents of children at your school are invited to events and they don’t have to worry about childcare.

Family members and friends are all potential babysitters – but they’re also potential guests at your fundraiser – and ideally you want them there! Paid babysitters cost a lot of money, which might otherwise be spent at your event.

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How we can help

As an approved supplier of PTA UK we help schools to engage with their community and boost fundraising by providing a key element of a simple formula.

We keep school children thoroughly entertained, safe and engaged with a fun Christmas pantomime performance in the school hall. This frees-up older relatives, carers and friends to relax and engage in PTA organised fundraising activities nearby.

The children get to see a high quality primary school pantomime performed by West End professionals who are also experienced in working in schools. The adults can relax and socialise. The school raises money. Win, win, win.

What are the best ways to do this?

We’re always very happy to discuss your ideas but here are a few examples:

  • We perform to children in the school hall while the PTA offers adults the opportunity to socialise and buy lovely refreshments, food and raffle tickets in another room.

  • Children can enjoy one of our pantomimes while the adults enjoy some leisurely shopping at the PTA Christmas fair or auction.

  • You can sell popcorn and healthy drinks for the children beforehand to create the feel of a ‘live performance movie night’.

  • You can book us for a Saturday or Sunday to be a star attraction that improves attendance and lengthens visits at your Christmas fair!

Timing is important

Make the most of the times of year when people are feeling sociable and expecting to spend some money and perhaps by a few gifts.

Christmas is an obvious one to have in mind right now. This year we have a choice of three great school pantomimes to entertain the children!

Because what we do as our ‘bread and butter’ strongly supports the curriculum, most of our performances and workshops booked by teachers take place during the school day. But we’re also booked to perform after school or at the weekend.

We’ve found that weekday fundraising activities starting at about 5.45pm work well. The after school clubs are usually over, the children have had their tea and most potential guests can get away from work.

What’s your experience of running fundraising events? What time of day or night seems to work well for you? Let us know.