Let’s Dance!

It’s School Dance Week and our experienced West End professionals have been running dance workshops in primary schools across the country. And it’s not just us – many of the UK’s top dance professionals have also united with schools this week, encouraging children to explore the benefits of dance and building teachers’ confidence and skills in running dance activities.

We’re thrilled because the concept of School Dance Week was born from conversations between ourselves, our suppliers and our clients. We know there is an appetite for more young people to be able to access dance through schools.

There are so many benefits; from helping to build children’s listening and concentration skills to fitness and participation. Above all, dance is a highly collaborative activity.


A word from Arlene Phillips

World-renowned dance Director and Choreographer Arlene Phillips is a School Dance Week Ambassador. She said:

"I'm thrilled to see schools and dance companies coming together to learn from each other in School Dance Week. 

Helping young people to express themselves through movement, fuelling their imaginations, and encouraging active and healthy lifestyles - it's all so important. Every school can benefit from this.

Young minds and bodies naturally respond to music and it doesn't take much to make something wonderful with that. 

I love that music and movement create shared experiences and bring people together - yet there is no right or wrong interpretation. Everyone can succeed in dance in their own way."


Our Dance workshops

We couldn’t agree more! That’s why we deliver a range of themed dance workshops in primary schools across the country.

Primary school dance workshop

Around Christmas time Scrooge and Aladdin are popular choices and throughout the year we offer other workshops exploring themes like ‘friendship and teamwork’, ‘dance throughout the world’ and ‘music through the ages’.

Read what our contacts in primary schools say about the dance workshops here.


Your views

We’d love to hear what you’ve been doing this School Dance Week. And we’d like to know what you think we could do to build on this year’s launch of School Dance Week. Thank you!