Star Partnerships

Since Creative Partnerships closed in 2011 opportunities for schools to work closely with creative professionals have dwindled. And indeed that scheme was only available to a minority.

Our repertoire of shows, dance and storytelling visits in schools is hugely popular with teachers - but of course there can only be so much impact from a one off visit.

We are hungry to form longer term creative partnerships with schools where we can use our West End talent pool to contribute more clearly to measurable outcomes and increasing attainment.

We are now looking for some school partners to help us pilot ongoing creative projects in schools led by creative professionals with teaching experience.

These may take place in half a day per week per class (PPA time in many schools), run for half a term at a time, and be custom created in terms of topic, activities and the final creative conclusion which could range from a performance, to a website, to a radio play.

Our intention is to listen, be flexible in our offering, and to jointly create something of great ongoing benefit that inspires the children and staff and helps children engage in their other lessons as well as in their project with us.

There is more information on our new Star Partnerships website.