Teacher Resources - Where the Wild Things Are

Today, we're giving away a freebie! Here are some suggested activities based on Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are .

  • Where does the forest, boat, ocean and indeed the place where the wild things are actually come from? What are some other places from stories that you know that may come from the same place?

  • There are a number of exciting and fantastical wild things illustrated in the book. Create a ‘wild thing’ of your own and draw it. Perhaps the class can create a collage of wild things.

  • Imagine that you were a wild thing. Create a frozen stature using your body and facial expressions to show the rest of the class what kind of wild thing you are. Get a number of other students to create a ‘sculpture garden’ full of statues of wild things they have created using just themselves.

  • Write a story in which you visit the place where the wild things are and tell of your own adventure there.

  • Imagine that Max didn’t go to the island where the wild things are. What other place might he have sailed to in his boat? What might he have found there and what adventures would he have had?