AS Rehearsal Techniques

We offer a comprehensive package to support teachers’ work and develop your students’ understanding of how to approach text as an actor.  


Our scene study workshops are designed to support the preparation, rehearsal and performance process of text as an actor in relation to:

  • The preparation process for monologues and duologues, supporting written performance concept (WPC) - Edexcel AS Unit 2 Section A
  • Delivery of text and role and enriching supporting notes - AQA AS Unit 2 DRAM2
  • Delivery of text and role in group performance - Edexcel AS Unit 2 Section B


Students leave the workshop having completed a comprehensive preparation and rehearsal process to detail in their WPC or supporting notes, and with a stronger command of their performance.

Practical skills-based workshops:

Our highly crafted professional directors and facilitators bring skills and techniques straight from the rehearsal room to form the basis of all the work.  A range and variety of rehearsal techniques and devices are introduced in a practical, accessible way.  Exercises are applied to the students’ individual performances using their monologue, duologue or script extract, and the process feeds directly into the written performance concept or supporting notes.

Our facilitator makes links between rehearsal techniques and influential practitioners, providing a context and offering an abundance of practical and professional examples of situations where devices can be applied.   Students can pick and choose rehearsal techniques to suit their process, supported by our facilitator.


We offer workshops to A’ Level groups of up to 15 students.

Our facilitator works intensively with the group so that quality outcomes are achieved. 

It is strongly advisable that students have an extract of their script or their monologue with them on the day.  We can provide example script extracts should you require.

3 hour session: £249 plus VAT
Full day (up to 5 contact hours): £400 plus VAT(additional travel costs may apply outside of Greater London)